How to apply powder eyeshadow
Posted on October 8th, 2012

You  can use any powder eye shadow as an eyeliner. It's actually a brilliant way of applying eyeliner and getting used to applying eyeliner before you graduate on to a liquid eyeliner. you need a small eyeliner or slant brush for this. 

I have used black in the picture but you can use any colour but make sure that's its a color that's got quite a lot of pigment in it or quite a dark color because a lighter color won't show up as well. 

Start on  the outer corner gradually bring the eyeliner in pressing the colour in as if you are drawing on the lashes. Don't go right into the corner as this will close the eyes up, stop about,  five millimeters before the corner. You don't want to try and draw one straight line the best way to do is to build up the colour by pressing the brush along the lash line as close to the lashes as possible. It might help of you stretch the outer corner of the eye especially if you are more mature or if you have fine lines on the eye lid

The brilliant thing about powder eyeliner, is if you make a mistake you actually really won't notice because it will just look like a nice smoky eye shadow surrounding your eyes,

Sometimes when you apply eyeliner in this fashion, it can spread underneath the eye, so you just take a cotton bud with a bit of eye makeup remover and just touch up underneath once you've finished. 

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