by Simply Faye on October 26th, 2012

I have been in love with the Giorgio Armani Luminous silk foundation ever since I bought it to use on my wedding day, now its a staple part of my professional make-up kit.

Armani have recently brought out a new addition to their foundation range the Maestro Fusion Makeup. This foundation I can truly say is nothing like I have ever tried before. The bottle has an ingenious dropper allowing you to use a couple of drops at a time so there is no wastage.  As the foundation is so pigmented you only need a couple of drops if you are after a natural radiant coverage, if you want a heavier coverage then you will need a few more, Its easily blended into the skin and it goes on the skin like silk and transforms into a beautiful matte finish with a no make up feel which is ultra long lasting.

The product is made from 5 different oils, yet its not in the least bit oily, the oils evaporate once on the skin making it feel like nothing has been applied on the skin. When I took off the foundation at the end of the day my skin felt and looked like I had a lovely facial treatment.

The Maestro fusion foundation, comes in 9 different shades, I will be adding the range to my kit and  I would  definitely recommend that you get out there any try it, a real innovation in the world of cosmetics. You can find it on line  on the Armani Beauty website or in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols or Harrods.

Posted on October 9th, 2012

Well I thought I would investigate the Boots No7 foundation matching service they use a funky looking gadget to take a reading of your skin from your jaw line on both sides of the face, it then comes up with  2 different colour matches. The No7 lady then went to get me the shades in the long lasting foundation and applied each colour on my jaw line, the lighter colour of the two seemed to be a good match to my skin colour.  I have to say I was quite impressed the Lady Ann I think her name was, gave me little sample of both foundation colours so I could take them home to try before I buy. All in all a really good experience and I think they got the colour correct, I will double check tomorrow when there is some day light. The only thing I am not 100% percent convinced about is the texture of the foundation itself I asked to try the long lasting one, but I don't think its sitting too well on my skin.  I will report tomorrow when I have tried it properly.

Posted on October 8th, 2012

You  can use any powder eye shadow as an eyeliner. It's actually a brilliant way of applying eyeliner and getting used to applying eyeliner before you graduate on to a liquid eyeliner. you need a small eyeliner or slant brush for this. 

I have used black in the picture but you can use any colour but make sure that's its a color that's got quite a lot of pigment in it or quite a dark color because a lighter color won't show up as well. 

Start on  the outer corner gradually bring the eyeliner in pressing the colour in as if you are drawing on the lashes. Don't go right into the corner as this will close the eyes up, stop about,  five millimeters before the corner. You don't want to try and draw one straight line the best way to do is to build up the colour by pressing the brush along the lash line as close to the lashes as possible. It might help of you stretch the outer corner of the eye especially if you are more mature or if you have fine lines on the eye lid

The brilliant thing about powder eyeliner, is if you make a mistake you actually really won't notice because it will just look like a nice smoky eye shadow surrounding your eyes,

Sometimes when you apply eyeliner in this fashion, it can spread underneath the eye, so you just take a cotton bud with a bit of eye makeup remover and just touch up underneath once you've finished. 

Posted on October 8th, 2012

How to get the perfect pout

You'll need a few different tools of the trade: a lip brush , a lip pencil, a lip gloss and a lipstick color of your choice. 

The first thing you need to do is line the lips with the lip pencil. Make sure that your pencil is freshly sharpened because this will give a better result and better shape to the lips. Draw an outline on the lips taking care to ensure you've got the perfect Cupid's bow.

It might help sometimes to stretch the skin  particularly if you are more mature  and then you can draw a much more even line.  This part does not have to be too perfect at this stage because we can always come on after we've applied the lipstick and put some more lip pencil on to even everything up.

The next thing  you need to do is load your brush with our chosen lip colour  apply the color all over the lips on top of the lip pencil that you've already applied. Remember, if you make any mistakes at this stage, you can always correct them.   Then take your  your lip pencil again and  refine the edges by drawing your Cupid's bow and the outline of the bottom of your lip

Now to get that perfect pout and really make the lips pop, apply a bit of clear gloss to the bottom lip in the center. You don't need too much on the brush for this, it will just give a  bit of shine and making the lips look plumper. This is ideal for someone that hasn't got such a full bottom lip.

Posted on October 2nd, 2012

I have decided to make a new make-up lessons and make-up mentoring website as I have so many enquiry's from clients that want to update their make-up look or students that want to gain a bit more experience in the make-up industry, watch this space for updates, special offers and application tips and techniques.

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